biocube protein skimmer
A protein skimmer, also known as a foam fractionator, is a superb nutrient export tool for the saltwater aquarium. This is the main reason it is so popular. They work 24/7 and also remove unwanted organics, oils and proteins which will otherwise cause unwanted problematic algae outbreaks overtaking your tank. These organics, if allowed to accumulate, can also kill corals or otherwise make it very difficult to allow them to grow and thrive.

biocube protein skimmer

How can It Work?

The key principle on which protein skimmers work, is the bad/unwanted organic molecules are polarized and so they like to stick to water surface - think pond scum. If you've ever been to a waterfall, you've seen the brown foam that collects at the bottom - usually on one side with the waterfall. Or possibly you have been with a beach with crashing waves and seen the brown foam that gets pushed through to the beach. This brown foam will be the concentrated organics, oils and proteins, that keep to the very small air bubbles of the waterfall or waves on a beach. You can imagine these tiny air bubbles as little magnets for organics, oils and proteins. Skimmers are merely copying this natural phenomenon.
biocube protein skimmer
Why Do I Need A Protein Skimmer?

Here are some of the good reasons to utilize a skimmer on your own saltwater aquarium, whether it is a fish-only saltwater aquarium or a reef tank.

 lower nutrient loads (nitrates, phosphates, organics, etc.) which otherwise result in disease outbreaks
 prevent unwanted algae growth and/or outbreaks
 prevent disease outbreaks for fish and for corals and other sensitive invertebrates
 improve dissolved oxygen
 off-gas or prevent build up of unwanted fractional co2 (CO2) that suppresses pH
 improved water clarity

How Do I Utilize it?

The way you make use of a protein skimmer is identical, regardless of what form of skimmer you've (no matter what brand or manufacturer either). The method that you put it to use, is as follows:

 it operates night and day 24/7
 clean it at least one time weekly (the more often it's cleaned, the better it's going to perform)
 clean the froth tower, collection cup, air intakes, pump impellers once a week. The more often the better.
 maintain maximum density with the smallest air bubbles possible - this really is primarily created by keeping the environment intakes and pump impellers clean
 do not allow any air bubbles leaving the protein skimmer being sucked to your main pump, as this can cause supersaturation and may also kill fish.
 adjust the skimmer to generate a dark foam, also known as "skimmate" (the reputation for the waste removed from the skimmer). In case your skimmate is obvious or only light yellow, then a foam height must be lowered a little.
 if utilizing your protein skimmer inside a sump or attached to a sump or refugium, locate your protein skimmer at the opposite end from the sump out of your main pump intake, so that as close as you possibly can for the water coming from your exhibit tank overflow - the dirty water.
 two keys to the potency of a skimmer is bubble size and phone time. Small the bubble size the higher, because this means more surface area to remove waste compounds. As well as the longer the incoming water has contact time with the bubbles, the more waste it's going to remove.


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